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Project Description

Google's WebP image compression format exposed to .NET

WebP for .NET is the very first official release of Google's WebP format implementation for the Windows platform.

Go to to learn more about the WebP image format.

WebPConvert.exe command line usage


WebPConvert.exe [-format <target format>] [-output_dir <target directory>] [-quality <webp quality>] <filename patterns>

-format: specify the output image format, default is "webp"
  • bmp: convert to BMP
  • gif: convert to GIF
  • jpg: convert to JPEG
  • png: convert to png
  • webp: convert to WebP

-output_dir: specify an output dir for converted files, default is current directory

-quality: specify a quality for WebP conversions, default is 20


WebPConvert.exe -format webp -output_dir .\tmp -quality 80 *.jpg

Sample WebP integration code

Load a WebP image
using (Bitmap image = WebPFormat.LoadFromStream(new FileStream("image.webp", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read)))
    image.Save("image.png", ImageFormat.Png);

Save a WebP image
using (Image image = Image.FromFile("image.jpg"))
    Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap(image);
    WebPFormat.SaveToFile("image.webp", bitmap);


Click here to get the latest release.

People behind WebP for .NET

Noesis Innovation

The WebP for .NET project is managed by the people at Noesis Innovation

Other projects by Noesis Innovation

See also Javascript .NET, an implementation exposing Google's V8 Javascript engine to the .NET platform.

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